The hard density of the graphite pencil tip moves quickly and at a consistently fast pace as it feels for a trajectory through the visible texture of woven threads. The drawing contour pivots as it oscillates between what feels like broken tangents and connective threads, between weaving along, under and through the surface. With each new directional alignment, the contour pulls out of the loose, darkness of the space under overlap, into tightening threads that come out on top. Movement converges depth and surface tension to stay afloat in consistencies that are in excess of any single dimension. Vision slows to the clammy touch of details in the dark that are too large to grasp, then lightens as it lands a clear line of sight with the sharp precision of the graphite tip. And as the movement accelerates, it gains a fluency that unravels the tense hold of threads on the direction of the trace.


Drawing Woven Texture (variations) 2014-17

Drawing Texture: powder, video 1:08 min, 2017

Drawing Texture: weave, video 1:16 min, 2014