My research develops in an experimental field of interdisciplinary media and material practices, towards inhabiting everyday practice with increased intensity and intention. This process is accompanied by experimental essayistic writing, and engages affect and process philosophy. In attempting to navigate this dynamic, experimental practice, habit exhausts in textural consistencies and resurface in new routes, tendencies and affective encodings. The process activates the potential to inhabit an emergent corporeal that swells beyond contained subjectivities and binary categorizations. The experimental milieu presses dimensions, gestures, affects and media/material techniques into new alignments that are simultaneous with inhabiting an emergent corporeal—one folds in and across the field of practice so that the edges of things find new interiorities, so that contours, techniques, colors and categories dissolve, slack or give way to fleshy viscosities. In the process, seemingly mundane media gestures or practices become events of inhabited variation and sustain a media field in which to study emergent tendency (or a critical corporeal) taking form. This process makes think-able and feel-able the way that inhabited gestural and affective tendencies spill between modes of practice.

Like in experimental media and material processes, writing activates an emergent, textural consistency where terms converge and contrast to generate a field of variable intensity. Terming both contours in the specificity of situated orderings and activates excesses of partial and unwritten phrasings that open to new affective worlds. The phrasing churns and aligns new wording potentials, floats contours on the surface then collapses, leaving only a filmy hold, where diffuse vectors can tentatively hold a singular articulation.

Please find more at the following link: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/134510

More Videos available at: https:///www.youtube.com/user/nicoledebrabandere

Nicole De Brabandere is a PhD candidate in artistic research at the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, and is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. De Brabandere graduated from the Ohio State University with an MFA in 2010, has an Honours degree in Cultural Studies from York University, Canada and an Honours diploma in Ceramics. De Brabandere regularly presents her research in a variety of formats, including academic and experimental writing as well as workshops and installations.