Socks stretch over swelling feet and legs, becoming heavy and numb. The process renders an accumulation, where each consecutive gesture incrementally contours a tension where gesture, leg and sock become indistinguishable, and where the texture of each sock membrane resurfaces the skin. The compression becomes the feeling of legs becoming tired after a long time standing and incites the desire for the lightness of unrestrained movement. The everyday gesture of putting on socks becomes intense in the contrast between physical containment and the urgency to reroute feeling beyond a specific, corporeal

The upward ends of fibers compose a smooth, dense topography, landing the perimeter of heels and balls of bare walking into feeling. Then the felt delineations over the two-dimensional surface of contact shift—weight is pressed up from the inside/underside by a body rolling beneath it from end to end. The approaching rolling forward generates a vacuous space, a space where touch loses its specific co-ordinates. The site of contact becomes lost in an inarticulate volume, in a rolling in the dark, where the limits of skin now pull from the ends, through the threads and over the entire carpet surface. The body rolling forward presses out, and in on itself from all sides, where the limits of skin recombine with the recomposing consistency of a wave pulling into shore.

Wringing out a terry cloth, saturated with milk, is a condensation of torsion, a condensation that reroutes the contrast between line and surface in image space to a durational pulse of tighten and relax. As the terry cloth twists it gradually wraps the extremities of hands and wrists up into the space of wringing between them, into a dense form where the surface holds form in tension. The continuous wringing presses the surface of cloth in on itself, presses until it releases a few drops, then the contour of a steady stream of milk into the contents of the bucket below. When the flow dries up, all that is left is the relaxing separation of parched terry cloth. The surface breaths with absorbency, regaining force of form in wetness before the tensing pulse again activates the surface as a limit of contrast between the exhaustion of tensed, hardened form and the charged flow of saturation.

Fountain Video Still, 01:16 min

28 days, video 8:53 min, 2013

Rugroll, video 0:51 min, 2013